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Claire van Helfteren BSc(hons) has over twenty years experience in a variety of businesses.

This includes the set up and sale of two successful companies; a property management business and a sports coaching company.

Claire has spent two years recruiting legal personnel all over the Thames Valley, she has managed a sports centre in Suffolk, and run a sales and marketing team for a medium sized photography firm.

More recently Claire has been involved in the not-for-profit sector chairing Colchester Samaritans, and working for Colchester Citizens Advice Bureau.

Claire is currently committed to the reduction of gun and knife crime through gang mediation. Claire has worked with Capital Conflict Management for five years, initially as a mediator then in the management of the company. Claire set up a mentoring arm to the business and has run this for the last three years. Claire was instrumental in analysing what works with regard to conflict management in the high risk cohort involved in gun and knife crime.

All advice offered is common sense, achievable and will genuinely make a difference.

Ready To Be Inspired?

Small Business Start up Advice

Inspire to be can help you set up your business with common sense advice on how to establish and grow a business organically.
We would carry out a S.W.A.T. analysis in order to advise on simple and effective ways forward. Marketing is key to this but does not have to break the bank, we can help with ideas to grow your business.
We would be happy to discuss your requirements. A first appointment is free of charge (travelling expenses may apply).
We hope to inspire and enable you to realise your dreams.

Mediation Services

Claire van Helfteren is a high conflict resolution specialist. With five years experience dealing with gang conflict in London and Nottingham. Claire has worked with a number of police forces to reduce gang violence through mediation. This is difficult and intense work, but reaping rewarding results. This skill has also transferred into business and conflict amongst co- workers. Mediation is a very strong tool in many situations enabling people to communicate and work better together. Mediation is independent and confidential. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Mentoring Services

Over the years Claire van Helfteren has been involved in mentoring many young people in school and home settings. These individuals have ranged from teenagers struggling with school work to young men involved in gang violence, trying to stay out of prison and get their lives back on track. Our approach is to Inspire and Enable not to preach and tick boxes!


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